Capricorn Cardinal Sign Junction

Capricorn speaks to one of the 4 points in the horoscope (alongside Aries, Libra and Cancer) and is a cardinal sign - it starts things and imprints the start of the winter solstice in the northern half of the globe. Controlled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is worried about open introduction - it is austere, businesslike, sorted out and reasonable - there is a propensity to be intense about how they depict themselves. 

Astrology Cardinal Sign Junction

The Capricorn mountain goat remains at the highest point of the diagram rather precariously. Beyond any doubt footed and adroit, Capricorn fears the drop into the pit beneath - this drop drives them into the watery enthusiastic profundities of Cancer and is thus extremely self defensive - on the off chance that you truly know a Capricorn you are exceptionally lucky without a doubt as they don't give themselves away effectively more on Astrology Junction

Astrology sign Capricorn is a specialist - a figure of expert in a diagram (often spoken to by the dad figure) and much like Cancer with their mom - there is a solid dad dynamic often at work with this sign. This parental hub shows itself in the businesslike way - a requirement for declaration (yet not forceful) and separation. The separation and beyond any doubt footed nature can show itself as a superbly dark or dim comical inclination - as though they know the position they are in, comprehend it could all be lost at any minute and the feeling of incongruity/fear produces humor. 

Be that as it may, not all things are dreary. This sign is a fabulous coordinator - down to earth, persevering, refined, coordinate however not excessively mighty - they can make solid partners with their solid feeling of responsibility and commitment. 

The Astrological planet, the Sun is in Capricorn until twentieth January so this period is ideal for taking care of subtle elements, plans and work - anything that requires persistence, devotion and beyond any doubt footedness!  We hope you have enjoyed this mini astrology lesson on zodiac sign capricorn!


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